Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The scoop

Hi everyone!

Hope all of you are doing good, it looks like spring has finally come to Vancouver. Van is one of those cities that really comes to live when the weather is sunny, not to mention the people seem to be in a much better mood. Can't really blame them since our city is mostly known for it's grey and rainy weather..So when the sun shines the people shine:)

So what have I been up to? Pretty much the same as usual, after a very busy February and March I've taken a little bit of a rest from shoots (for a couple of weeks at least) but things are starting to pick up again for April and May.

You can currently find me in a couple of magazines as well; Bella Morte Magazine's Alt Girls Spring Edition with images by Pin Up Perfection Photography and in a new magazine from Toronto called Missy/Ink with images by David Denofreo. I'll post the tear sheets of these on here soon.

I also just wrapped up and interview and exclusive Fetish themed photoshoot for Sinical Magazine (Texas) which should be out soon.

Keep watching this space<3

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