Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just another quick update...

Hey everyone,

I'm so sorry for not updating this thing as regular as I should but i think most of you keep pretty up to date with my stuff on my Facebook?
I always feel like I should have a significant amount to write about when I post on this little blog and truth be told I don't consider myself the best writer/blogger..I tend to prefer to keep things quick and simple I guess..

A quick update on what's going on right now, for those of you who are not on facebook, all is going well in the little world of Kerosene Deluxe.
I've been shooting a lot and you can expect to see upcoming features and pictures of me in Rabid Magazine, Missy/Ink, Fishnet and Sinical, so keep your eyes peeled;)

I'll be traveling the US a lot more this summer (LA, Seattle and Portland to be precise) and am planning some exiting shoots with some of my favorite photographers.

For those of you who are local to Vancouver some exclusive fetish images of me will be on display and for sale on March 15th at the Darkness Meets Creativity (Mixed Media Art Display) at Guilt and Co, I'll be there aswell so if you get the chance please drop by, view some art and say hi!

Event page:

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