Monday, January 30, 2012


Why is the word ‘fat such a big deal? To me it’s just another word to describe something.
One that can only be negative if you allow it to be..Take back the word ‘fat’ and own it…

People tell me I’m ‘fat’ all the time and I respond with ‘yes I know’ with a smile on my face.
Don’t let a word get you down. I’m posting this because I often get messages from people who are offended when I tag some of my pictures with ‘fat’. (which to some I am and to some I’m not, that subject is not for debate right now)

But this is my way of promoting beauty through diversity and show the world that ‘fat’ is not something to be ashamed of, or something that should be hidden under layers of baggy clothing. No, when people search for things tagged with ‘fat’ they should find images with confidence, courage and class.
I am NOT ashamed of my body and neither should you.
No matter what size you are (big or small)

</end rant>


  1. thanks for the confidence boost today! :-)

  2. Very nice words! I loved it!

    Xoxo form Brazil!

    Vanessa Licciardi

  3. i think you are the sexiest woman I've ever laid eyes on kerosene and thats coming from a mixed martial artist, bodybuilder, and personal trainer and would love to do some training with you it's a very sexual workout lol, keep doing what you are doing and i'll keep enjoying

  4. Che belle Parole!...Congratulations for Your Words:You're so Right!
    "Promoting beauty through Diversity" is the right answer to build a better World.
    Ciao dall'Italia