Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone a most blessed Yuletide and Holiday season!

May all your dreams come true in the new year!

Don't let anyone dull your shine...

Photographer: Shimona Henry/Pin-Up Perfection Photography
Wardrobe: Lace Embrace Atelier

Thursday, November 15, 2012


I'm super stoked to announce that I'm now sponsored by Volt Salon here in Vancouver. The wonderful Graden will be taking care of my locks, which have recently been changed from raven to ruby locks...

I could not be more excited with this collaboration!

If you want fabulous hair people of Vancouver, please go see this man and his super cute downtown salon!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Calendar girl

Rabid Magazine's 2013 'Curvy Queens' calendar is available for purchase now.
With yours truly on the cover (photographed by Pin-Up Perfection Photography) and tons of hot curvy ladies to enjoy each month. Including Chevvy Piston and Tess Munster. BAM!

Order yours today!

Hey East Coast....

Hope all my East Coast friends and followers are keeping safe! Sending positive thoughts!

New images

New photo's from my shoot this past September with the amazing Redrum Collaboration have just been posted on my website:) hope you guys like them!


Dress by Kaori's Latex Dreams

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ultra Vixen

I'm featured in the brand new issue of Bizarre Magazine as an Ultra Vixen.
Such an honor !!! Been a Bizarre Mag fan for a good decade..This is my second appearance in Bizarre Magazine, I was featured about 8 years ago too, when I was just a little babybat new to modeling.

Images by Ken Nash and Andrea Hausmann

New hair...

Couldn't help bangs again for Fall..and  shaggy locks:)

Thanks Rianne @ Moz Salon in Pitt Meadows, BC


New 'Sin' inspired shot I did with Aesthetic Alchemy in Richland, WA.

Custom corset by Sweet Carousel Corsetry.
Shoulder and head piece by Deathglam Couture

Styling/Make Up by myself.

More pictures will follow:)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Melons & Sweetcheeks

Hey everyone!

I recently teamed up with the local designer from Melons and Sweetcheeks and modeled some of her latest bullet bra lingerie sets. (along with shoes from Miss Fiendish and hair flowers by Jen Kaboom Designs)
I had a fabulous time shooting this set with one of my favorite photographers Shimona Henry from Pin-Up Perfection Photography...We always have an absolute blast when we shoot and this time was no exception..

Melons & Sweetcheeks makes lingerie, swimwear and customer for all shapes and sizes..So check out her work.

Monday, August 27, 2012

'Cherry on top'

Some brand new shots posted on my website:)

Classic Cars and Broads...

Once again my sincere apologies for the neglect of this blog. My summer so far has been insanely busy so by the time I get home my mind pretty much draws a bit of a blank...

Anyway, for those of you who follow me on Facebook you may know that I have developed quite a strong friendship with a fellow local model named Chevvy Piston and we recently got to spend the day together in Ladner, BC working at the Pin Up Perfection Photography booth at the Classic Car Show.

This has been my 2nd time working this booth with Chevvy at a classic car show, our last one being in Chilliwack.

I really enjoy going out to these events! My favorite part is ogling all the stunning cars, I have so much respect for all the work that these people have put into them. I hope to one day own my very own *hot pink* 1932 Ford Coupe (with leopard print seating) or a 1950's Merc lead sled...A girl can dream right? *sigh* I may need to get over my fear and actually get a drivers license first....

I also really love meeting all the lovely people there and engaging in chit chat:)

Here are some shots from the Chilliwack and Ladner classic car show:)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Northern Washington and Aesthetic Alchemy

This past weekend I drove down to Richland, Washington for my much anticipated shoot with Revel, the mastermind photographer behind Aesthetic Alchemy. This was a shoot I've been SUPER exited about as I've been such a fan of her work for years and never expected that she'd be interested in working with me. Needless to say I was in somewhat of a happy-coma when I found out.

The initial look for this shoot was a very dark and Gothic inspired one. With accessories provided by Deathglam Couture and a custom corset by my beloved Sweet Carousel Corsetry.

We got the shoot done in about 15 minutes and as a total random spur of the moment thing decided to do an additional nude set as well. Some of you may know how rare it is for me to shoot nude, not because I don't appreciate nude photographs, (trust me I love them just as much as the next guy) but I'm just selective with the type of images I'm releasing.

I had absolutely no concerns that the shots by Revel would be lovely and had no problem getting nekkid for her. She's an incredible artist with fantastic vision. I feel like a chubby cherbub in this picture <3
I feel truly blessed to have had the chance to work with her.

Here is a shot from the nude set, you can find the uncensored version here
More shots to follow!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kerosene Deluxe: A Plump Pin Up's Journey

Here is the text version of the article I wrote for Pin Up Perfection Magazines' 'Celebration of the Female figure' issue for those who requested.

Kerosene Deluxe: A plump Pin Up’s journey

It’s eight in the morning. I get out of bed, throw on my plush pink leopard print robe and turn on the kettle for a good old cup of English breakfast. I make my way to the home office to check my emails and messages. There’s one from a guy telling me I’d be “hot” if I dropped a hundred and fifty pounds (I weigh 165). Another message claims I look like I’m about to have a heart attack from obesity any minute. Also, a bunch of people on Inked Magazine’s page have been arguing about my weight and size ever since I was picked as their “Inked girl of the day.” I smile, take a sip of my tea and can’t help but laugh at all the hysteria a couple of images has caused.

Wherever my work ends up controversy usually follows, and the “skinny vs. big” debate starts all over again. You see I’m just your average girl next door (with big hair), 5 ft 3 and size 14. The majority of people would not automatically guess that I model, and I am regularly met with a look of disbelief when they find out.

Some wonder why I choose to subject myself to this kind of criticism and how I’ve managed to put up with it for over a decade… The answer to that is simple… because I can. When I first started this journey it was very rare to see an Alternative or Pin Up shot featuring a fuller-figured girl, and though the models were all gorgeous I found few to be physically relatable. I admired images of Hilda, the super cute but thoroughly fictional curvy Pin Up character created by Duane Bryers. I always thought to myself how neat it would be if a real life person would embody her sass within the artistic community.

My start as a model was purely coincidental and not something that had crossed my mind growing up. I was certainly never the “pretty” kid, and was subjected to bullying at school (and at home) on a daily basis. (eventually causing me to drop out of school) I was never popular or “cool” either… I guess for lack of a better word I was a loner, a nerd… I took comfort in music, painting, poetry, comic books and monster movies. While other kids idolized Britney Spears I gushed over Lilly Munster, Vampira and Vincent Price.

It came as a complete surprise to me when a photographer approached me saying he liked my look and inviting me for a photo shoot. What started out as something that seemed fun became a journey of self-discovery, acceptance and expression. I’d be lying If I said I stepped into the modeling scene with blazing confidence. Truthfully I don’t think many of us do and I certainly didn’t step onto the set feeling like a Vixen the first few times. The greatest thing I have ever learnt is to never compare myself to others and to be the best that I can be.  Your body is the one thing you TRULY own for the rest of your life, and life is way too short to waste time hating it.

We all have certain parts of our bodies we don’t like, so I say emphasise those that you do like. With a stroke of black eyeliner and a slick of red lipstick I create who I wish to be, and I do so to please myself and nobody else. Never feel guilty about taking “you time” and doing the things you love. Surround yourself with people who lift you up, not bring you down. I personally live by the motto “what other people think about you is none of your business.” We all have opinions, and the world would be a pretty dull place if they were all the same right?

For every negative comment I get I also receive extremely positive and encouraging emails daily from all over the world, from woman (and men) who appreciate what I do and it’s incredibly inspiring. I feel blessed to be doing what I do and honoured to be included in the art of so many talented individuals.

I took something that so many people see as a “flaw” and made it my trademark. I know not everyone will appreciate my work, but I always know that when one door closes another will open. Never let someone else tell you that you are not beautiful and never shame other people’s bodies in order to validate your own. I really feel that the “skinny vs. big” debate should be obsolete in this day and age. With so many forms of expression, attraction, titillation and inspiration open to the human race nobody has the right to dictate what is beautiful and what is not. After all, variety is the spice of life and the world is big enough for us all to shine.

Love Always,

Kerosene Deluxe

Celebration of the female figure

Hey everyone, I'm on the cover of the brand new issue of Pin Up Perfection Magazine. This issue's theme is 'Celebration of the female figure' and I also had the chance to write a small article about my journey as a plus size girl in the Pin Up/Alt modeling biz..

I'd like to thanks Shimona Henry for photographing this cover last minute and Lace Embrace Atelier for the beautiful wardrobe.

Purchase your issue here

Sinical Magazine issue 6

Check out my recent interview for Sinical Magazine with exclusive photo's by Shimona Henry.

Purchase your copy here:

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bella Morte goes spring fever!

I'm featured in the Alt Girls: Spring Edition of Bella Morte Magazine with images by Shimona Henry of Pin Up Perfection Photography. Check it out!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's a lovely day for a Corset party

Some days I feel like such a lucky birdie....Today was such a day..I got to model the exquisite corsetry from Lace Embrace Atelier at the stunning Hycroft Mansion where the Parisian Antique Corset Exhibition was held..

It was a gorgeous day filled with the presence of beautiful woman in fine corsetry and meeting a lot of new awesome people.

It's event's like these that really inspire me...

Monday, April 30, 2012

Oh hai!

And the 2012 Westcoast Tattoo Convention is a wrap...Fun times and so great to share a booth again with my beloved Nikita from Falt Photographics..

Here are a few shots from the show.

Nikita (Falt Photographics) and me

me and

Stopped by Pin Up Perfection's booth to hang out with Shimona Henry and her crew. (I love these girls)

Finding pictures of me around the place calls for cheesy snapshots

Chevvy Piston and me.

and Lou la' Massacre too!

Found a copy of Missy Ink Magazine for sale. I was super exited because it was the first time seeing this issue for me. It features 3 of my pictures taken by David Denofreo ^.^

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Westcoast Tattoo Convention 2012

Hey everyone, I'll be at the Westcoast Tattoo Convention all day today. If you happen to be around drop by the F.alt Photographics booth and say hi!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

K.D interview for Strangekitty

I recently got together with my photographer pal Danielle and did an interview and some photo's for her new business Strangekitty.

Check it out

The scoop

Hi everyone!

Hope all of you are doing good, it looks like spring has finally come to Vancouver. Van is one of those cities that really comes to live when the weather is sunny, not to mention the people seem to be in a much better mood. Can't really blame them since our city is mostly known for it's grey and rainy weather..So when the sun shines the people shine:)

So what have I been up to? Pretty much the same as usual, after a very busy February and March I've taken a little bit of a rest from shoots (for a couple of weeks at least) but things are starting to pick up again for April and May.

You can currently find me in a couple of magazines as well; Bella Morte Magazine's Alt Girls Spring Edition with images by Pin Up Perfection Photography and in a new magazine from Toronto called Missy/Ink with images by David Denofreo. I'll post the tear sheets of these on here soon.

I also just wrapped up and interview and exclusive Fetish themed photoshoot for Sinical Magazine (Texas) which should be out soon.

Keep watching this space<3

Monday, March 19, 2012


A new picture I shot for Voluscious Wear, modeling their comic book garter.
I was insanely exited to model this garter, as some of you know, I'm a bit of a comic book geek AND a lingerie fanatic, put the 2 together and you pretty much have my favorite piece of lingerie ever..

I would wear only this out forever if I wouln't get arrested:)

Picture by Falt Photographics

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just another quick update...

Hey everyone,

I'm so sorry for not updating this thing as regular as I should but i think most of you keep pretty up to date with my stuff on my Facebook?
I always feel like I should have a significant amount to write about when I post on this little blog and truth be told I don't consider myself the best writer/blogger..I tend to prefer to keep things quick and simple I guess..

A quick update on what's going on right now, for those of you who are not on facebook, all is going well in the little world of Kerosene Deluxe.
I've been shooting a lot and you can expect to see upcoming features and pictures of me in Rabid Magazine, Missy/Ink, Fishnet and Sinical, so keep your eyes peeled;)

I'll be traveling the US a lot more this summer (LA, Seattle and Portland to be precise) and am planning some exiting shoots with some of my favorite photographers.

For those of you who are local to Vancouver some exclusive fetish images of me will be on display and for sale on March 15th at the Darkness Meets Creativity (Mixed Media Art Display) at Guilt and Co, I'll be there aswell so if you get the chance please drop by, view some art and say hi!

Event page:

Friday, February 10, 2012

Some thoughts.

One that that has never ceased to bother me is when people sit around feeling sorry for themselves, especially when you have all the power to do something about it...It only takes 1 person and that person is YOU.
In my short 25 year lifespan I've dealt with abuse as a child and teenager (sexual, physical and emotional), a rather unstable upbringing and less then ideal situations for a child to be in. I've experienced heartache, I've laughed, I've cried, been lonely, bullied through-out school and was even homeless for a short while. I receive hateful weight related messages and emails on a regular base and had lived in 3 different countries before turning 22.

All these experiences have made me the person I am today. I am strong, confident and positive. I've never ever thought of myself as a victim of anything but as a survivor. I am not perfect but I am me, and that's perfectly okay. I work hard for everything I've got and don't let myself get affected by negativity. I choose not to surround myself by people who bring me down but by those who lift me up. Every day I put on my lipstick and I am ready to take on the world. My life was never 'glamorous' until I chose to make it so. Life has many loop holes and struggles, but it is within those struggles that you often find yourself. What you end up doing with it is up to you.

 But know that you deserve better....

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inked girl

Woke up this morning to find a pleasant surprise, I'm Inked Magazine's 'Inked girl of the day'!
Yippee!!!!!! Ofcourse this could not go without controversy/size/fat debate on their Facebook page..;)

A big thank you to the haters, the anger my modeling causes you only sparks more fire and determination in me:) I never quite understand why another person's body size is such a big deal to people anyway...

Monday, January 30, 2012


Why is the word ‘fat such a big deal? To me it’s just another word to describe something.
One that can only be negative if you allow it to be..Take back the word ‘fat’ and own it…

People tell me I’m ‘fat’ all the time and I respond with ‘yes I know’ with a smile on my face.
Don’t let a word get you down. I’m posting this because I often get messages from people who are offended when I tag some of my pictures with ‘fat’. (which to some I am and to some I’m not, that subject is not for debate right now)

But this is my way of promoting beauty through diversity and show the world that ‘fat’ is not something to be ashamed of, or something that should be hidden under layers of baggy clothing. No, when people search for things tagged with ‘fat’ they should find images with confidence, courage and class.
I am NOT ashamed of my body and neither should you.
No matter what size you are (big or small)

</end rant>

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Prada Spring 2012 collection

Did anyone see it yet? so cute!!!

Graveyards and haunted houses.

Pictures by Shimona Henry.

Latex love

Some shots from December taken by Ken Nash. Latex by Deadly Couture.
Hair and make up by myself.

More can be found on my website



Oh hi there blog, it's been a while!

First of all a very happy belated New Year! I hope 2012 will bring you everything you desire!

I hope everyone is doing well, I apologise for the absence lately...I've been a busy girl...I took a little mini break after a very busy December but now that January has arrived things are slowly getting back to normal.

So what's new? I've been busy shooting with the likes of talented local photographers such as Ken Nash, Shimona Henry and Anathema Photography and bared all for a revealing shoot with White Wave Studio's (which if you are familiar with my work is something you don't see my do often;)

I'm also very exited to announce that I have joined to roster of Rabid Magazine's Rabid Girls, which is a real honour as I'm a  big fan of their magazine...Keep an eye out for me in one of the upcoming issues!

So what will the new year bring for me? I am definitely planning more modeling trips over the border and there will be some very cool new collaborations this year..I could not be more thrilled for what's to come..but for now hush hush...Time will tell my sweets!

I never make new years resolutions because I don't believe in them..If something (in my mind) needs to be done I will take care of it immediately rather then make myself some broken promises...
I live my life the way I want to live it, by my own rules and with love in my heart..

Much love to you all!