Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Almost Fall, yay!

Today I met up with some old friends from Montreal who I had not seen in over a year.It was awesome catching up...Went for drinks and a bite at Morrisey's then for a drive and stroll around the city.
Ended the evening with some Beardpapa's and watched the sunset on English Bay<3

I think I'm one of the few people who is actually pretty stoked that Summer is coming to an end and Fall is around the corner.Gone will be the sticky, sweaty days!
Fall is BY FAR my favorite season of all! (Not biased because my birthday is in October)
The colours, the smell of the air, cinnamon and pumpkins, boots, opaque tights and trench coats are among a few of my favorite things.
And not to mentioned HALLOWEEN, the most wonderful time of the year!
Not so much for the dressing up (I do that plenty) but for the awesome stuff I usually score for my apartment. Homesense had adorable bat and cobweb tea towels last year.(LOVE)

Ironically enough I haven't actually dressed up or gone out for Halloween in a couple of years...Perhaps I'll make an effort this year....:)

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