Tuesday, June 28, 2011

'Real woman'

Taken from Hanne Blank's blog and I could not agree more:

'Excuse me while I throw this down, I’m old and cranky and tired of hearing the idiocy repeated by people who ought to know better.
Real women do not have curves.   Real women do not look like just one thing.
Real women have curves, and not.   They are tall, and not.  They are brown-skinned, and olive-skinned, and not.  They have small breasts, and big ones, and no breasts whatsoever.
Real women start their lives as baby girls.  And as baby boys.  And as babies of indeterminate biological sex whose bodies terrify their doctors and families into making all kinds of very sudden decisions.
Real women have big hands and small hands and long elegant fingers and short stubby fingers and manicures and broken nails with dirt under them.
Real women have armpit hair and leg hair and pubic hair and facial hair and chest hair and sexy moustaches and full, luxuriant beards.  Real women have none of these things, spontaneously or as the result of intentional change.  Real women are bald as eggs, by chance and by choice and by chemo.  Real women have hair so long they can sit on it.  Real women wear wigs and weaves and extensions and kufi and do-rags and hairnets and hijab and headscarves and hats and yarmulkes and textured rubber swim caps with the plastic flowers on the sides.
Real women wear high heels and skirts.  Or not.
Real women are feminine and smell good and they are masculine and smell good and they are androgynous and smell good, except when they don’t smell so good, but that can be changed if desired because real women change stuff when they want to.
Real women have ovaries.  Unless they don’t, and sometimes they don’t because they were born that way and sometimes they don’t because they had to have their ovaries removed.  Real women have uteruses, unless they don’t, see above.  Real women have vaginas and clitorises and XX sex chromosomes and high estrogen levels, they ovulate and menstruate and can get pregnant and have babies. Except sometimes not, for a rather spectacular array of reasons both spontaneous and induced.
Real women are fat.  And thin.  And both, and neither, and otherwise.  Doesn’t make them any less real.
There is a phrase I wish I could engrave upon the hearts of every single person, everywhere in the world, and it is this sentence which comes from the genius lips of the grand and eloquent Mr. Glenn Marla:
There is no wrong way to have a body.

I’m going to say it again because it’s important: There is no wrong way to have a body.
And if your moral compass points in any way, shape, or form to equality, you need to get this through your thick skull and stop with the “real women are like such-and-so” crap.
You are not the authority on what “real” human beings are, and who qualifies as “real” and on what basis.  All human beings are real.
Yes, I know you’re tired of feeling disenfranchised.  It is a tiresome and loathsome thing to be and to feel.  But the tit-for-tat disenfranchisement of others is not going to solve that problem.  Solidarity has to start somewhere and it might as well be with you and me.'

Friday, June 24, 2011

Congrats NYC

A big congratulations to NYC for legalizing Gay Marriage!
I've always been a big fighter for Gay rights and am so happy that changes are finally being made for people to be equal...Marriage is about love not gender after all..

I hope the rest of the country will soon follow!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A day in the forest..

Here are some brand new shots I did with Russian photographer Ilya Fedorov.
The corset is (once again) by Sweet Carousel Corsetry.

A word of advice, hiking the forest and climbing rocks in a corset and long skirt is not a great idea (though ofcourse completely worth it for the sake of art!)
I woke up the next day covered in bug bites aswell....Benadryl Itch Stick has been my buddy...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Really Vancouver??!!

Way to go acting like a bunch of barbaric animals because of a hockeygame..Destroying our city...That's real nice...I'm disgusted and ashamed to live in this city right now...These are NOT hockey fans...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011


UUUGHHH I have strepthroat and it sucks!!! I hate being sick:(

There, now that unpleasant little bit of complaining is over it's back to business...After all, the show must go on!!
so the weather has been great here in Vancouver and it's finally starting to look a bit like summer, which means time for sundresses and peep toe shoes, woohoo!
It also means time for more outdoor shoots:) This Friday I booked a photo shoot with a lovely photographer named Ilya Fyodorov who is coming all the way from Russia.
We will be heading out to Lighthouse park for our shoot, which is part rain forest and part beach.
Ilya was kind enough to commission Sweet Carousel Corsetry (who you should know of if you've been following this blog;) to create a custom corset for me for this shoot. Yay:D
It will be fun to mix this kind of corseted Gothic glamour look to some lush nature.

 I also recently did a photo shoot with the lovely FALT Photography from Edmonton, Alberta.
This was a collaboration I was very exited about as it has been one long in the making.
FALT and I were supposed to shoot together last year but due to a massive screw up by UPS her equipment was not delivered on time and our shoot had to be cancelled..We've kept in touch ever since and were happy to re-schedule when she was back in Vancouver.
The whole shoot itself felt more like hanging out with a close friend then 'work' even though it was our first time meeting in person..She stayed for supper after the shoot I like feeding people) and we had a great evening chatting and giggling.
I just had a sneak preview of some of the shots and can't wait to share them with you guys..

That's all for now! Keep checking this space <3