Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back to my roots

Not many of you know but I originally started out as a 'Horror' model around 2002/2003ish...
It had been a while since I strutted to the darkside and although my shoots over the last few years have been more pin up/glamour themed, Horror is still very close to my heart and I'll proudly confess that I'm a huge Horror movie nerd..

I contacted the amazing Danielle Anathema about my ideas for a more macabre themed shoot and she was down so I dug up my husband's Charlie McArty dummy and this is what happened:
The idea behind the shoot was a glamorous vaudeville star who is tormented by her ventriloquist dummy..
She is in constant dispair and feels trapped..Her face and chest are burnt from the blowtorch Charlie McArthy has used on her...She sits in front of her vanity every day and applies her make up while he watches and taunts her..
The amazing special fx make up was done by the photographer. Hair and beauty make up by myself..

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