Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog neglect!

Oh my! It certainly has been a little while since I've last paid attention to you my little blog..But all is well in Deluxe land....I guess it doesn't help that I'm not the greatest writer out there and often fail at saying anything witty or interesting enough to write about...

I had a twitter account a while back when it just because the 'it' place to be and thought I'd check it out...I think I stayed on there for about 2 weeks...I honestly don't feel like I'm so interesting that i need to post about every single thing that I'm doing...Which seems kind of hypocritical since that's exactly what I'm doing at the moment...hmmm...Am I contradicting myself here?
I guess what I mean is that I only like to write when I feel like I have stuff to say or when I feel like writing something...If that makes any sense at all...

So I've been keeping busy lately...I was recently at the Westcoast Tattoo convention with Pin up Perfection Photography strutting around and promoting her business...
My other photographer friend Jenny (of White Wave Studio's) was also there and I got to meet a whole bunch of other super nice new people...It was a great day!

Speaking of White Wave Studio's, the 'sailor' shots I've posted of me a little while back will be featured in the April issue of Retro Lovely Magazine. I'm SUPER stoked about this as it's one of my favorite magazines out there right now...If you've never picked up a copy you really should! (*cough* April issue)
This is a real high quality magazine with glossy, colourful pictures and beautiful models..It's more like an art book then a magazine...I'm extremely flattered they liked our pictures enough to use them...yay!

I will also be posting some new pictures soon from the last shoot I did for Sweet Carousel Corsetry with White Wave Studio's...They will be very different from anything I've shot in a while so stay tuned!


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