Friday, December 31, 2010


You know what really bothers me? The term 'real woman' (as used to compliment a fuller figured woman)
As much as I appreciate the kindness and compliment behind the term I feel it's distasteful.
I mean, what makes a 'real' woman? I don't see how anyone who is a size 0 is any less woman them I am.
I don't even think our biological gender defines us as man or woman perse..It's our soul, our heart, our mind..Not what bra size we wear..
I was thinking about this the other day because I have friends within the transgendered* community and they are just as much (if not more) woman then I am. They were just born in the wrong body.
The beauty of woman is our diversity, we come in all different shapes and sizes and we are all beautiful.

Us bigger woman receive a lot of abuse and pressure, we have been labelled as 'unattractive' by the media for years, thus influencing people's perception of beauty. But I don't feel it gives us the right to disrespect woman who are of small built. Bear in mind, they are often criticized as well. Being called a 'twig' or told to 'eat a sandwich' is just as hurtful..Truthfully there will never be such a thing (to the media) as 'the perfect woman' as they enjoy nitpicking at others way to much because they are often insecure themselves. (plus gossip sells)

Beauty truly IS in the eye of the beholder. And every woman out there, big or small, is a Goddess is someones eyes.

(*for those confused between transgender and transvestite terms, a transgendered person is someone who was born in the wrong body and decides to live the life of the opposite sex permenantly, often transforming their body with surgical procedures and by taking hormones, therefor becoming the person they always were on the inside. A transvestite or cross dresser is someone who likes to impersonate the opposite sex but doesn't live as the opposite sex. They are fabulous beings. Transgendered people or Transvestites can be Straight, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, Asexual, you name it...)

I know there will be some people reading this who have different views then I do and disagree with my post, which is perfectly fine, I'd hate for everyone to agree with everything I say..

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