Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I've been absolutely DYING for a vacation lately...

I'm hoping to make it to Jamaica in the new year..

Reggae music and Jerk chicken on the beach? Yes please!

Mother of London rip-off

So sad and pathetic.

Mother of London is such an amazing designer (as well as person) it's a shame to see that what she works for so hard has been so cheaply ripped off...Not to mention Will Smith needs to fire this stylist for making his daughter look horrid...I mean WTF?!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm super mad at myself because I STILL have yet to see Machete...

All bruised up

So I hot hit (hard) by a cyclist yesterday while crossing the street (it was my light)

Dude came racing through red light and hit me and then yelled at ME (wtf?!)

Total jerkface! Karma will bite you in the ass!

I'm super bruised up and sore:(

Monday, November 15, 2010

Plus size friendly clothing that doesn't resemble a potato sack

Being a big girl and a fatsionista I often get emails from girls asking where I buy my clothes..Because let's, let's face it, it hard to find cute/sexy/classy plus size clothing that isn't:

A: a baggy tunic shirt
B: some unflattering moomoo dress
C: ugly pants with an elastic waist
D: all of the above...*sad face*

I find most plus size clothing stores extremely disappointing and often find they give a
you must cover everything up kinda message..Thanks but no thanks..Style is wearing something that makes YOU feel good and beautiful. Its all about attitude and confidence!

The list below is of places I frequently shop at (online) and who I highly recommend, all are plus size friendly.

Pin Up Girl clothing (upto 2XL)
Mode Merr (upto 3XL)
Unique Vintage (select items upto 2XL)
Stop Staring clothing (upto 3XL)
Chic Star (some cute finds on there, carries upto a size 28)
Whirling Turban (custom sized Pin Up and Vintage style wedding dresses)

More to be added soon..

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Brains + The Hypnophonics show @ The Fairview...

Had such a great time at the show last night and it was amazing to see some of my Montreal friends...I was so eager to leave Montreal but now that I'm gone I do miss the city and certainly my friends over there...
If you live in Canada make such to catch these guys on tour!

As for today, I just got back from shooting with Shimona Henry (of pinupperfection.com)
Tons of fun as usual and we were joined by Burgundy Brixx and Maila Harlow:)
Sore + tired!

Sons of Anarchy + pizza tonight!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


So I've pretty much come to the conclusion that Twitter us a completely pointless piece of crap...

Account deleted...

A quick note

I would just like to point out that my husband (Jerry) is THE BEST EVER.
I just got home to find that he had surprise purchased the bathroom cabinetry I've wanted FOREVER, plus a bunch of pretty bathroom accessories (candles, new bathmat, soapsdish etc).

I'm so thrilled, I've wanted to finish up our bathroom forever but it for some reason always got put on hold..

It feels SO good to have somewhere to display my perfume bottles and stuff..

Yay:) I'm a happy wifey.

Friday, November 12, 2010



should have NEVER happened..

I love how this Coyote Ugly/Showgirls/Moulin Rouge bastard child will now create swarms of 14 years olds wanting to do Burlesque without having a clue who the following ladies are:

Day off

So the husband and I had a day off together yesterday (which we don't get often) and decided to do one of our favorite things, go to Homesense and snoop for stuff for the house..This is one of our favorite past times to do and since we recently moved into a new condo it at least gave us an excuse. I'm a total fanantic when it comes to home/interior design and I will be the first to admit to my guilty pleasure of watching HGTV design shows. I'm pretty sure I missed my calling as an interior decorater. (I went to become a make up artist instead)
Sadly enough we left empty handed this time as nothing tickled our fancy so we went home and watched back to back episodes of Sons of Anarchy (win)

Tomorrow I have an early day as I'm meeting with Jenni from Deadly Couture to put together an outfit for Sunday's photoshoot with one of my favorite girly photographers miss Shimona Henry of Pinupperfection.com
Shimona and I instantly hit it off the first time we worked together and this will be our 3rd shoot, we will be joined by Vancouver's queen of sass and Burly-q miss Burgundy Brixx and the beautiful Maily Harlow...
Can I say 'trouble'?

Saturday night I'll be heading to the Fairview Pub on W Broadway to see some dear friends from Montreal who will be playing a show, The Hypnophonic and The Brains..

Perfect for this season (or any season really)

If you love the scent of comforting winter and fall baked goodies then you'll love Philosophy's 'The Gingerbread Man' body scrub..

I fell crazy in love with Philosophy's products about 4 years ago and this scrub has been among one of my all time favorite things to treat myself with...It's so comforting and leaves your skin soft and smooth, plus you'll smell like a cookie...NOM!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New blog

So I haven't done this (blogging) since forever but I figured it would be a good way for me to share my thoughts, tips and tricks and ramblings (mostly just rambling)
Keep checking this space!